Stripped Dodge Viper Is The Go-Kart Project Of Your Nightmares


This vehicle was included in some kind of crash which pushed the left area and its edge to the back.

As it should be very obvious from the photos, we put the vehicle on our website to see your reactions. The back edge demonstrates a few unique prints. This is not an un-hit body however it is extremely useable. If you are looking to purchase a Viper SRT-10

with just 9,000 miles then look no further, we already found it for you. This Stripped Dodge Viper is available to be purchased on eBay and it still works no matter of a minor crash.

Cleveland Power and Performance is the vender and they fix minor issues. Stripped Dodge Viper with a current offer of $8,569 and a Buy It Now cost of $17,995 is in front of you. That is an investment of over $65,000 and this is a good deal! Obviously cash you save money on this stripped Dodge Viper will must be spended on different things. Unlike most cars, this one needs new doors, hood, airbags… and every single thing that divides vehicles from go karts. You’ll additionally have to spend more money to legalize it because it is not street legal. But this is ultimate Dodge Viper SRT-10 with a clean title and only 9,000 miles on a mileage area for under $20,000! This Dodge Viper SRT-10 began life as any new vehicles but a crash.

This vehicle specifically had a slight error and it was a part of serious accident, but back area was straighten , and this vehicles is ready to go. Enjoy this slide show and tell us what you think, is this unique go kart is worth this price? If we had so much money, we will probably buy it.

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