Successful Engine Transplantation: LSA In 1958 Corvette


It is Gandrud and its transplantable car parts to thank for this hit: C1 Corvette handcrafted by Mike Ogston runs on a LSA engine. The introduction of such motor in C1 is more than miraculous and proves that the Corvette can be easily upgraded, which is rather important today. The Corvette is glowing in red from DuPont Chromapremier and the Corvette’s signature is placed on the right side.

The entire car was remodeled and restyled in such a way that it poses threat to the modern cars available at the car market today. It features new gauges from Dakota Digital VHX, leather interior, red stitching, rack and pinion instead of traditional manual system and air conditioner from Vintage Air.

The new Corvette runs on 556 hp and has transmission with 4-speeds from GM which is capable of handling up to 1200 hp and 1000 pound-feet torque. There is also new powertrain and fuel cell made of stainless steel, which save both weight and life-time. The wheels are five-spoke, the brakes are from Hydratech and the rubbers are from Nitto Extreme Performance.

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