Supercharged Custom Harley Davidson


This is supercharged custom Freddy Harley Davidson with powerful engine with a large group of choices that include excellent seat, fuel exhaust that throttles, eight cylinders with new rings, customized handle bars, internal throttle, brake lock, and many more. The paint is made in tribute to Freddy with a substantial metal chip.

In addtion to that, it likewise offers a five speed transmission, and the front and back chain, have so much power you will be flying with it. This bike is so cool and it will blow your mind away. Video was uploaded at Motors 24 channel and it is not in English, but we hope you will understand. Video lasts eighteen minutes, so prepare yourself for full satisfaction. This bike deserves to be ride by some cool guy with power and knowledge.

This is piece of art and you can see in video reason why. Share this video with your friends and help them to translate the description of this video. Also, feel free to share your comment with us in comments area below. Someone said that there is too much explanation in this video, and less driving than other people want to see, but we hope we can find something more action-like videos. If you want to know something more about Freddy, visit his website, and don’t worry, there is an English version of a website, so you can understand what he is talking about.

What do you think about this supercharged custom Harley Davidson? Is this cool or what? Harley Davidson is excellent brand of bikes and many people love to see customized work and supercharged engine. Freddy knows what he is doing, and he sell thousands of bikes and engines for every bike. You can choose any vehicle you like, but this one in this video is really our favorite.



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