Tanner Foust Shows Off Drifting Skills In 900HP VW Passat


As of late 2015 Formula Drift event, Tanner Foust has a nine hundred horsepower Volkswagen Passat and it looks awesome and so powerful.

He has effectively praised its focused  drifting skills and, Tanner Foust was impressed by the call from Volkswagen to take U.S. cycling champion Tim Johnson for an exciting ride near Chattanooga. This feature should show sneak peak of the USA Cycling Time Trials course but thing what it primarily does, is flawlessly Tanner Foust’s drifting ability and additionally force slides with his Passat and what he can perform.

You absolutely won’t see something similar. Underneath the skin of Tanner Foust’s Volkswagen Passat is four hundred and fifty cubic inch V 8 motor with nine hundred horsepower. It has nitrous oxide framework and it has  been introduced with making for an extra two hundred horsepower.

In the motor, there is a four speed G-Force GSR transmission with quality tires. As you would surely anticipate from a Formula Drift motor, the auto additionally includes various styling changes. It uses APR Performance back wheel and an arrangement of five spoke KMC wheels.continue-2-netcarzone.com

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