The Astonishing 1000 HP Dodge Viper GTS Twin Turbo built by RSI Racing Solutions

Dodge-Viper-GTS-1 - Copy

The latest generation Dodge Viper

SRT is able to deliver impressive 645 horsepower from the huge 8.4 liter V10 engine.

If you are looking for more power, here are the RSI Racing Solutions that can offer you many upgrade packages for this supercar from America.

Exactly this Dodge Viper SRT GTS has been outfitted with the twin-turbo package from the tuner that raise the power to amazing 1000 horsepower. That extra power comes from the two Precision turbochargers, forged engine internals, stroker kit, a new intakes, Motec management and many other performance changes including the stainless steel exhaust system.

Those changes in top specification result in 1000 WHP on normal petrol and over 1500 HP at the rear when powered by racing fuel or E85 ethanol.

This performance package will set buyers back $89,950 on top of the price of the basic Viper. A little less extreme kit is offered with 62 mm turbochargers instead the 76 mm and 72 mm ones also available. It will still deliver 1000 WHP but the price is from $44,950.

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