This dad is one of the coolest dads in the world


This dad is awesome, and he is definitely one of the coolest dads in the world.

Check out what he did with his Ford Mustang, because he decided to make a surprise for his three year old son. His name is Brett Winek and he loves his son very much. He is an owner of Ford Mustang, he bought it recently and he is single, we don’t know where his ex wife is, but he tries so hard to be good parent to his son.

They live in Tennessee and his small son loves Cars movie. His favorite car from this movie is Lightning McQueen. Brett decided to transform his new Mustang into Lightning McQueen.


He spent twelve hundred dollars to do that. Scott Huntley, owner of Tennessee Tents said that this was very fun project for all of them, check out what they did. Is this awesome or what? Share this article with all of your friends, especially if they have small kids.

Maybe they will become better parents and do something similar for their children. Share your thoughts with us in comments section below if you want.


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