This is Verticopter and we guarantee you have never seen something like this before


Oh yes, check out this baby! This is Verticopter and we guarantee you have never seen something like this before!

Video was uploaded on danklaue Youtube channel and it has almost four million views so far. More than four thousand people clicked like button, and only six hundred and fifty clicked dislike button. For as long as more than fifty years, engineers tried to come up with something that can combine benefits of both planes and helicopters, and now, verticopter is here.

It is intended to give the vertical take-off and landing capacity of helicopters joined with the precision of ultimate flying machine. Verticopter gives you security, and easy to use operation over any current class of vertical take-off flying machines. It is great fo air taxi, and oil investigation. Verticopter was designed after hard work of explorations of different avenues regarding finding a new way to combine helicopters and planes.

This is far more than only a CGI idea. Several models are finished, and although this video is eight years old, today, there are so many verticopters on the market. This outline has been selling on the web and there is even training program for this. You can not use it for normal flight, because propeller will go through vortice. Load on propeller can change in several seconds, and it would vibrate very fast.

This would cause it to fall down. We don’t know if someone figured out how to fix this, but if you want, you can search for a solution. This is not real air craft, but it is great if you want to have some fun.

There are several models currently on the market, and price is variable. You can start with less expensive model first, and if you like it, you can always purchase luxury model later. Someone noticed on the news that there are real verticopter in Japan, but we did not hear anything about it yet.

Have you heard anything about this? If you did, share with us in comments area below. This is great gift for a birthday.

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