This ’35 Chevy tow truck is a hot rod in the front, and flat bad in the back!


This 35 Chevy tow truck is awesome, it is truly a hot rod in the front and bad at the back. This is ’35 Chevy tow truck, amazing hot rod vehicle, and flat bad at the back! This customized Chevy is something that you got the opportunity to see it, otherwise you would not believe it.

That is precisely how we need to tow my auto! This is one of the most interesting tow trucks we have ever seen, with its speedster position and banana yellow shading! Don’t you just need to see it live, in action? Video was uploaded on Richie Rich’s channel and it has more than five hundred thousand views so far. More than three hundred and seventy people clicked like button, and more than thirty five people clicked dislike button.

He saw this tow truck on his way to Motor Ex 2010, and he uploaded video on July 23, 2010. He drove 350 Chevy Sedan, and they found this on the road. What do you think about this tow truck? He also found whitewall wide tires and those tires are excellent if you want to try something different. There is no bat which can turn into this one, we are sure in that. Cool vehicle and cool front and back area, you must see it to believe it.

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