This Hemi-Powered Dodge Challenger Is Your All-Season Muscle Car

Dodge Challenger (3)

This is Dodge Challenger, and it has Hemi engine, this is really a muscle car for all seasons.

You are currently looking at this car and we are proudly presenting to all of you – this is muscle car with unique concept and it is only a prototype so far. If there is a demand for this, it will go into big mass production.

What do you say about this Dodge Challenger with Hemi engine? It is called AWS GT concept and it comes along with Scat package three Performance set. It has five point seven liters motor and V8 engine that will blow your mind. It has Mopar catalysts, cool exhaust system and slushbox.

We don’t know too much about AWS system because they did not give away any info so far, but we hope they will release press statement with more specs. Check out this amazing gallery and share it with your friends. If you have something to share with us, you can do that in comments area below. Body kit is awesome and you would not find on any other vehicle out there, that’s for sure. Check it out and enjoy!

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