This is sad sight – Classic Chevy Camaro Graveyard


Graveyard is always sad place. There are souls of passed people all over the place. Today, we present you unusual graveyard, this is graveyard of classic Chevrolet Camaro, but it is also very sad to see something like this.

Sometimes in our lives, for reasons unknown, we see autos that we would love to currently possess left to decay into the ground until all that is left is just dirt or rust. This time, we see this spot with a Chevrolet Camaro memorial park gathering comprising basically only of original autos. As we stroll through the parts of this graveyard, we turn out to be more devastated on the grounds that despite the fact that it is most likely not practical, we need to take each one of these things back to life.

Look at this feature beneath and see this sad collection of old muscle autos with its capacity remaining being to give parts to those Camaros that still live on today. Video was uploaded on KFLY47 channel and it has more than thirty thousand views so far. There are twenty eight likes and not a single dislike. Video was published in March, 2015, and there are more videos on this channel. It looks like that most of these vehicles donated their organs to other vehicles, there are mostly shells on this graveyard.

Rest in peace, our beloved Camaros, and thank you for everything. Share this article with your friends and ask them what they have to say about this subject. Share your opinion with us and leave a comment in section below.

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