This Is The Fastest Smart Car In The World


This is the fastest Smart car

in the world!!!

Mark Cryer knows pretty well for what reason somebody did this thing to their Smart car, however after viewing this feature you’ll be happy he did. It is named the “Nu Big Thing,” and this Smart comes controlled by a nine liters big block Chevy motor with 725 hp. This extraordinary small car has held the title of world’s fastest car for some time, and with new bigger tires to help to reduce wheelstanding, Smart car had the capacity to complete its route 130.83 miles per hour in 10.26 seconds .

With a couple of more adjustments, and with another 1.5-liter powerplant it will look sufficiently fast to drive your parents to the airplane. This is definitely fastest Smart car in the world and it has Chevy engine. Car also has new clatch and this is definitely Nu Big Thing in the car industry. This is probably the reason to be one of the world’s quickest car. Some people didn’t like this version of a Smart car, but we think it looks pretty cool. It is also great for parking lots and when rush hour is spotted in the middle of the city. You can twist and turn with this little fellow in a no

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