TRC Supra Versus Nitrous Hayabusa


The Toyota Supra is really a standout among the most popular custom vehicles out there, and this one with more than two hundred horsepower is really worth to watch in action!

You would probably think that it can beat practically anything in front of it. However, does this vehicle have a chance against these Hayabusas, each of the bike has more than two hundred horsepower. Driver and bikers had a ton of fun with these Hayabusa’s and TRC Supra!

We guarantee that this feature will give you a chance to see how quick these bikes truly are. Enjoy in this feature and share this video with your friends. This was taken at the streets and this is truly awesome race. We don’t have a chance to see race between TRC Supra and Suzuki Hayabusa too often. The Hayabusa has a tuned exhausts, and it was brought down with a rider mod for 160 lbs. TRC Supra has three point zero built engine by Real Street Performance, PHR S45 Billet collector exhaust, triple fuel system with Siemens injectors, nitrous kit and many more. Hayabusa has race fuel and air shifter, Brocks full exhaust and nitrous.

Check out this ultimate TRC Supra Versus Nitrous Hayabusa race and feel free to share your opinion with us in comments area below. Video was uploaded on That Racing Channel’s channel and it has more than one hundred and ninety thousand views so far, and more than eighteen hundred likes. Video lasts only one minute and forty four seconds, but this is more than enough to enjoy it. Shifting is probably main reason why are bikes generally faster than cars, and they are very very fast indeed.

Someone noticed that biker had only a t-shirt and jeans while he drove over one hundred and eight miles per hour. If you drive bike this fast, you better get yourself a helmet and a riding jacket. Safety first!


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