Triple Axle H2 Hummer JET DOOR limo limousine

H2 Hummer Limo

General features of this amazing triple Axle H2 Hummer limo is that it has seats for lots of people.

With two gullwing doors and one butterfly door, it has raised roof which makes you feel like in a party bus and it looks so unique with white pearl exterior light and VIP private room, cool rims with Xenon body kit and original laser show.

In this video, we are presenting the world`s famous triple hummer limousine and this is a club on wheels, where you can party all night long with your friends and colleagues. The Triple Axle Hummer is exceptional and there is only few of them in Europe. If you are lucky enough, you will get a ride in it. The Triple Axle Hummer which is super extended Hummer for proms and parties, it has doors which open up easily and it practically seems as though it is going to take off. It additionally has included chrome compounds, and eight more wheels for maximum protection.

The Triple H2 Hummer is basically the king of hummers and with space to hold up all your friends in one shot. You can truly welcome them to enjoy the size and extravagance of this cool limousine. In the event that you are taking a trip in it, book it before someone else does.

This is likely the greatest and best hummer in the world. This makes all other limos look like ordinary vehicles. We present you video of biggest Hummer limo and no one can beat it. The super extended Hummer is ideal for all your favourite events including birthdays, parties, evenings out and even weddings. Share this amazing video and ask your friends what they think about this limo and feel free to write your comment too.

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