TUG OF WAR Gone Wrong – Dodge Ram and Chevy


In the accompanying feature you will have a chance to watch how experts do the well known Tug of War.

This rivalry is occurring in Michigan and it is between Black Chevy

and Black Dodge one against another. Tug of war was noteworthy and very extreme, however toward the end,  black Chevy couldn’t hold it no more and the Chevy’s transmission system blasted.

Most astounding is the response of the driver who used fire distinguisher fast. Watch the feature to see the flame, and how they figured out how to put it down. This is some big fire going on, and it is not easy to fight against it. What would you do if you find yourself in situation like this?

We must pay respect this driver, because he didn’t panic and he reacted properly. Some people noticed that this rope could break easily, but we think that this thing never happened before. Black Dodge had additional weight in its truck to put this two beast into same category.

Chevy was way too heavier than a Dodge and it is not fair fight if weight is not equal. But, sometimes happens that, even if trucks have same weight, they are not even, because one could have bigger load or tougher engine. In this Tug of war things, you can never know what will happen. Driver has experience dough, because he reacted so quickly, he even had a fire distinguisher besides him just in case.CLICK BELOW ON NEXT PAGE to CONTINUE and WATCH the VIDEO… (Page 2)

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