Turbocharging Era Has Begun: Ferrari 458 Vs Ford GT


It this feature, you have a chance to watch Ferrari 458 versus Ford GT race. Ford GT is not a stock, and it has more than seven hundred horsepower of force. It has upgraded exhaust system and pulley. Ford is modded, although some people think it is not. It is street legal, and this whole race was captured on a highway.

Many people think that Ford GT will always be better than a Ferrari, but we are not so sure about that. Ford is truly a legend, and it has so much power and grace at the same time. We can say that both of these vehicles are awesome, and it is not all about which vehicle is better or more expensive. This is a way to enjoy in some really cool race and this is what means to car enthusiast in the first place. Video was uploaded on dapeacock27’s channel and it has more than four hundred thousand views so far, which is not much, because video was uploaded in 2011.

It has more than eight hundred views and many people loved it. This is not Italy versus America race, this is Ford versus Ferrari race, and both of these countries are excellent in making quality cars. Ford’s engine sounds awesome and you will enjoy it for sure. This is not an official race, it is all about fun and entertainment. Many people stated that Ford has better torque than Ferrari, and this video proves it.

Although Ford is not muscle car at all, it deserves to be a winner. What do you have to say about this cars? Do you prefer Ford or Ferrari? Share this video with your friends and tell us what do you think in comments area below.



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