V-Rod Custom Harley Davidson


This is review of custom Harley Davidson V-rod, it has awesome styling and excellent engine.

Innovation is latest, and they are taking care of every single detail. It took so many hot rods, superb bikes, perhaps a little bit of luck to unite and to create a bike you can see right here. It has fluid cooled sixty degrees V-twin motor prepared to blow fire onto the road.

It has awesome tires and styling points of interest that shout American muscle whenever it goes. Hit the gas pedal and give it a try. Observe the ultra thick back tires which are capable to burn street, and it simple look stunning. This is ultimate V-Rod Muscle cruiser and it has hot rod look, you will get stuck to the pavement when you ride this bike.

The manufacturer of this bike is very proud because it has cutting edge new security framework which highlights maximum safety and this vehicle has electronic security when you want to approach it and when you want to leave the bike alone. Stick the card on your ignition key and let it do all by itself.

This bike is remarkable and it has custom controls on the V-Rod Muscle model, you can kick back and relax and stretch your legs as long as you want. This is a great opportunity to take a ride into open street and to show everybody how beautiful your bike is.

Video was uploaded on Avintago Schweiz Youtube channel and it has almost million views, but we don’t know how many people liked it and disliked it because that option is closed.

Comments are also disabled under this video, but we know that people generally love this type of videos, and we present it to all of you on our website. Video was published in 2013, but it is still very popular.

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