We present you the Freightliner Supertruck – a five year project that produces 12 MPG


The truck makers and the government had one task in common – to improve the efficiency of over the road trucks. The government have shoveled out money and grants for prototypes and engineering studies for decades. At the Mid-America Trucking Show this year, a powerful machine was rolled out that could generally be treated as the most important leap forward in the experimental truck probably ever.


The Freightliner Supertruck delivers over 12 mph by using diesel-electric hybrid drive system and all kinds of aerodynamic aids, and it took a governmental challenge to increase the fuel economy in a truck by 50 percent, and blew it out of the water, cranking it up some 115 percent with observed fuel economy on a Texas test loop at 65 MPH of 12.2 mpg, while weighting in at 65,000 lbs.

With the addition of the hills and all of the other things would suffer the mileage, but to get it to turn a little more than 12 miles on a gallon of diesel? We think that this truck would be very expensive. This truck, aside from all the truck science used, looks really cute, especially in the pictures.

The builders of this truck have done an unbelievable amount of work to the truck, and on their website you can see many details. They pull 700 lbs out of the weight of the truck, and it rolls on some very low rolling resistance Michelin tires that are hard like an iron.

So, what do you think about this truck? Do you like this Freightliners supertruck? Share your opinion with us.

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