We want Swincar right now!


This car is known as the Swincar. It is made in France by an organization called simply Mecanroc, and this name always allude to the auto as a “bug on wheels”. Alright, we got it, fine. It is all electric and has a four hour reach, and each wheel has an autonomous engine and transmission.

Sweet, and well thoroughly considered. It is additionally genuinely smaller and radiates a sort of go-kart vibe. In any case, this is truly something unique and amazing. For one thing, it has amazing articulation.  Constantly! Every wheel is autonomous of the others, and the configuration permits the administrator to incline toward turns like a bike rider. As an auto, it is not that much, however take a look at it as a rough terrain toy or as a mechanized wheelchair and all of a sudden things begin to be very clear.

Words come up short here, so look at this feature and enjoy. They are several models now, however Mecanroc is planning to begin creation this fall. Hopefully they send some on the markets all across the world. Video was uploaded on their official Youtube channel, Swincar official, and it has more than eight hundred and ninety thousand views so far. It has more than twenty two hundred likes, and only nineteen dislikes.

Check out this video, its name is Swingar E-spider – Extreme Off road 2. This really reminds us of a spider. What do you think? We think this is really revolutionary and many people find this Swincar amazing. Some user noticed that suspension system is borrowed from 1940 Citroen, but it is largely improved.

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