Wheelsandmore Just Made The 675LT Even More Powerful


Wheelsandmore is car tuning company from Germany and they did unnecessary thing, but guess what? We love it! They presented their latest work on McLaren 675 LT and we have to admit that this is very unique and outstanding tuning package.

They used 6Sporz concave wheels for the first package, and second package is Fiwe series. It is twenty x nineteen point five inch wheels at the front and twenty one x twelve inch wheels at the back. What do you say about this?

We love it and we can’t wait to see their next work. Besides wheels, they improved performance with upgrades that convey more than six hundred and sixty five horsepower, and they did it with ECU tuning. This vehicle looks amazing, it has nice gray color and body work that will astonish you.

If you love McLaren, you will adore this 675 LT version. Leave your comment in area below if you want to share and express your feelings about this subject with us. Share this gallery with your friends and ask them if they like this Wheelsandmore customized McLaren 675 LT. Check it out and enjoy!

Wheelsandmore-675LT-Powerful- Wheelsandmore-675LT-Powerful-2 Wheelsandmore-675LT-Powerful-4 Wheelsandmore-675LT-Powerful-3 Wheelsandmore-675LT-Powerful-5 Wheelsandmore-675LT-Powerful-8

source: www.wheelsandmore.de

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