Will There Be ”Fast and Furious 7”?


Filming on Hold

Sudden tragic death of ”Fast and Furious” actor Paul Walker has shaken the world. His family, friends and fans were equally shocked by the event, but the one suffering probably the most is his 7 years girlfriend. Walker died in a car crash when he was travelling in Valencia (California) on the way back from Thanksgiving.

The accident took place last Saturday. It is not yet clear how the accident happened or whose fault it is. One thing that can be completely disregarded is an idea of Walker dying in a street race. And as for the continuation of ”Fast and Furious”, the seventh sequel is put on an indefinite hold.

Universal Studios are still shocked by what has happened and are trying to figure out how to continue. The first announcement stated simply that the filming will continue, but a couple of days before we heard that the production is stopped. Paul Walker has at least deserved a video tribute which has recently been released and all of his fans are invited to donate something to Reach Out Worldwide – his charity organization.

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