Yacht looks like flying pyramid


Have you ever heard of flying pyramid? We neither, but this yacht surely likes one. This is reality, this is not a scene from some new sci-fi movie.

You don’t believe us? Check out this yacht and see it for yourself. Pyramids are closely related to Egypt. Have you ever visited Egypt? It is nice country with many visitors from all over the world. Nobody knows how built pyramids and this is not a subject of this article.

Someone said that it was built by aliens, someone said that humans built it, but there are not enough evidence for both of these statements. Flying pyramid can be seen in some Indiana Jones type of movie, and those movies are also closely related to aliens and some alien related technology.

This model will be twenty one meter long, and if you thing this is not much, you need head examination. It has enough space for several people, along with crew members who are their to make trip more comfortable.  This yacht looks like pyramid and it looks so cool. It would be nice to have something like this and to cruise with it from point A to point B whenever you want.

We don’t have too much info about this model, but you can check out this image and tell us what do you think about it. This is definitely something revolutionary and no one built something like this before. Do you like yachts? Have you ever been on one? Rich people have yachts and they arrange parties all the time, to show their closest friends and they acquaintances how rich they are.

We don’t know how much money they spend of yacht’s cleaning and tanking, but we can just assume this is not too little. If you want to buy yacht, you must have a lot of cash. Share this article with your friends and feel free to leave your comment below if you have something to say about this subject. Do you prefer yachts over boats? Check out this flying pyramid yacht and enjoy!

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