1973 Pro Touring Dodge Charger Mopar Beast


At whatever point we run over a cool video like the accompanying one that we have arranged especially for you in this article, and that you are just going to see in only a couple of minutes, we truly feel amazingly joyful for the huge improvement of the technology of camcorders in the most recent years.

Because of this, now we have all been allowed to have the chance to film things that we find in our regular lives, and certain things that we see just every now and then, on rare occasion. If there is a chance that you do not care for that, we would not have the joy of seeing such a large number of amazing and stunning muscle cars that are situated, and now and again in remote corners of the nation and whatever is left of the world.

We feel that this accompanying sample of cool muscle car with this totally wonderful Dodge Charger is a verification of that. The way the creator of this cool feature is letting us know, he unintentionally detected this dark painted Pro Touring ’73 Dodge Charger at the Forssa pick scratch, and chose to film it right away.

Furthermore, express gratitude toward God for that! Since after you will see this feature underneath, we think that you will certainly concur with us when we say that this stunning Dodge Charger unquestionably makes a man feel proud from the first minute he sees it!

Other than its exceptionally successful appearance, this 1973 Dodge Charger is controlled by a nine point nine liter six hundred and five cubic inch hemi V8 motor that can convey eight hundred horsepower and surprising one thousand pound feet of torque, and it is moving on a twenty inches Forged Friction edges.

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