Does Nissan GT-R really lose by V6 Mustang or what?


When you think about a vehicle for racing, you don’t think at V6 Mustang at all. All things considered, that is the reason why end of this race will come as a shock to all of you on the grounds that it will move your brain out.

This vehicle is certainly no joke! What you are going to find in the feature is a race between a V8 Mustang and Nissan GT-R. Nissan GT-R is among the lords of the street, it has power and speed, and style. Could this V6 Mustang bring it down and how? Mustang with V8 engine is constructed by Limitless Performance. It has three point seven liter six barrel equipped with five hundred and seventy five horsepower.

The other vehicle has a redesigned AWD Nissan in the engine, creating seven hundred and twenty horsepower. Very few people expect full power from a V6 Mustang in this case, but we are almost certain that driver of Mustang will change a couple minds about this vehicle in the end. Some Nissan fans will rush to defend this Nissan GT-R performance, but we must admit that Mustang is much better than Nissan in this race.

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