The Hummer H1 who belongs to Dennis Rodman! Enjoy


When we talk about this NBA legend connected with it by default it is rare or controversy. Lets not be misunderstood, it is unique, not trying to offend, but this time, when I saw this Hummer H1 I could not say anything I was speechless?! And frankly, this idea must come from him because Dennis Rodman is positively mad man!

Do you remember that he was in North Korea, and he is now friends with most of the world dictator `s, Kim Jong-un? Yes, they take a look at each other; it is the way friendships are born. But for that, `Let’s return to his Hummer H1.

We all know the name associated with military Hummer H1, strength, power, endurance bullet and many other similar organizations, but only Dennis Rodman can paint a beast like this way! Yes, it `s work real paint brush, photographs are not Vinyl! It can also be seen a huge sound system is installed inside.

The good news is, the Hummer H1 is for sale on eBay with only just 20,000 miles, but Don `t hurry to buy, he has a friend of North Korea that could be interested in this unique Hammer H1.

Check out the photos and tell us what you think about the creation of Dennis Rodman.


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