1931 Ford Rat Rod is perfect if you are coming to Georgia


Henry Kessler is a guy who can recognizes easily what he enjoys the most. In this video, you will see what he loves is his rat rod vehicle. What is more than that, based on the info of his coolest vehicle, this is Ford called Satan’s Rat Rod from 1931, and Henry Kessler is not the only one who burrows his vehicle by any means.

This Ford Rat Rod is the genuine vehicle with unique dark smoke body chassis, it has uproarious Diamond-Reo tractor from 1952, and its skeleton that Henry Kessler used from some metropolitan light shafts as same as like you are in Hollywood. What do you think about this vehicle? Is this cool or what? Video was uploaded on /Drive Youtube channel and it has more than one and a half million views so far.

More than eight thousand people clicked like button, but there are more than two hundred people who clicked dislike button too. Video was published  in 2013, and it is very popular. Engine from a tractor can be very useful if you know how to use it. It has one thousand six hundred and forty lb ft of torque. This is very powerful, isn’t it?

Henry knows his stuff, he did not want to spend thousand of dollars of some fancy vehicle, he wanted to make something he will enjoy alone, and he does not care what other people think. Share this article and video with all your friends and show them what would look like if devil would come to Georgia.

He will definitely pick this Ford model for his own vehicle, that’s for sure. Check out the video of Ford Rat Rod from 1931 and enjoy.

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