Sibir-Conquering 8X8 Drive Made in Russia


Making uncommon vehicles planned to go all the way to Sibir and a significant part of them remains in Russia is really hard word.

Some uncommon Russian organizations are making these vehicles, and this Avtoros Shaman 8×8 is one of them.

Feature is two minutes long and it demonstrates its  capacities and incredibly strong and powerful performance. With an eight wheel drive it is very easy to understand that this thing can achieve all spots in Russia, you just need to have enough fuel. If you are hunting down the ideal vehicle for your travel around the world, we can present quite recently the arrangement of wheels. It is known as the Avtoros Shaman, and it could without much of a stretch to beat every SUV in the world.

This is eight-wheeled tank and it is designed to push through deserts and cold winter. It is controlled by an Iveco F one c three point zero turbo diesel motor, and it has one hundred and forty six horsepower. That sort of force will get this two point five ton beast going up to fifty miles per hour, and it also can go across the water. It is furnished with three frameworks: it has front wheel drive, back wheel drive, and a crab mode in which all wheels move in a state of harmony.


If you got stuck, you don’t have to worry – this thing can get you out of mud, snow, water or anywhere you imagine. There is also another vehicle in the world that guarantees to defeat  swamps – a tank. This Shaman 8×8 is intended to overcome almost any territory.  Shaman was fabricated to overcome the Russian territories described by steep trips and snow heaps. It is improved for floating and and it has six speed manual gear box.

This rough Russian monster demonstrates its power in this feature.  You can drive it on the streets or across the water, and you can drive it on every single terrain you imagine. Vehicle is huge. It has six point two meters long body, two and a half meters in width and two point seven meters in heights. Shaman weighs marginally around two and a half tons.  Check out this video and have some fun while you watch. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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