Here are 10 of the fastest things on planet earth!


We would not have been what we are in the first place, and car fans so much, in the event that we were not obsessed with speed.

It is  a human instinct that everything that moves, or flies, we love to see it to do it very quickly! That is the reason for many people, even for kids, why we are exploring different objects and measure its speed, correct?

Furthermore, that is the reason, when we first found out about this feature, we felt that we must demonstrate to it to you immediately! If you had read the title, you must realize that this feature is not around a top ten ten fastest cars on the planet, but things, in general.  In these next six and a half minutes, you will find out about some really interesting facts, and Hennessey Venom GT is first on the list.

This monster has beaten the past record of the Buggati Veyron Super Sport, and it has a top speed  of two hundred and seventy miles per hour. There is additionally the very fast emergency vehicle on the planet, there is Lotus Evora, and so on. Hennessey Venom GT is a supercar fabricated by Hennessey Performance Engineering settled in England.

On January 21, 2013, Hennessey Venom GT set a Guinness World Record and it reached from 0 to 300 kilometers for each hour with a normal increasing speed time of thirteen point sixty three seconds. It also beats Koenigsegg Agera R’s season of seventeen point forty eight seconds.

In 2014, on Kennedy Space Center’s three point twenty-two mile runway in Florida, the Hennessey reached a top rate of 270.49 miles per hour. Check out other things on this rundown and share it with your friends. Feel free to share your opinion with us in comments area below.



source : musclecarszone

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